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Our First Chicks Have Hatched

Between Tuesday evening and Thursday morning, 18 chicks hatched. This is an 80% success rate. These are our 'Barnyard Mix'. Number 18 was a 'Help Out', as in it couldn't break out of its shell on its own. It's small, grey and pale yellow, but doing great. Some breeders refuse to do 'Help Outs', I always will, and I have a 90% success rate of them surviving.

All our current chickens are purebred. But they mingle altogether, except for the Silkies, they are separated. We have three different breeds of cockerels: a blue and two brown eggs layers. And blue, brown, green and white egg layer hens. Very excited to see what comes out of these pairings. For example, we have grey chicks that hatched out of brown eggs, so likely Olive Eggers. Mainly black chicks hatched out of the two white eggs...really interested in this result. There are a few 'purebreds' too.

So, meet the chicks.


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