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Vegetables Available

I knew this year was going to be a bit of 'trial and error' with expanding the vegetable and flower growing area from just the raised bed garden to include the Hoop House and open field areas.

The 'corn field' is doing great. The sunflowers are being given a run for their money with the grass and weeds regrowing just as fast in their field (we didn't have time to kill off those by covering with plastic or cardboard prior to the growing season).

The Hoop House is a green menagerie! There are way too many weeds in there too (don't get me started in my dissatisfaction over the expensive topsoil I paid for in there and the area beside it).

The Raised Bed Garden, which is much easier to stay on top on, is also growing well. There are plenty of plats that are now ready to transition to the field to continue maturing into vegetables and fruits.

I opted to grow a wide variety of produce to get a better idea of what works well in our soil, verses what doesn't do so well. This means that we won't have large numbers of each available. Therefore, I am happy to sell smaller than normally offered amounts of each produce. You can literally come 'pick your own' (or have me do it for you) in amounts that you want for a single meal for example, to include fresh herbs for seasoning.

Available as of June 25th:

- Radish (regular and giant)

- Kale

- A variety of beans

- Peas (limited)

- Herbs (variety)

- Zucchini and yellow squash plants

A variety of tomatoes, tomatillos, peppers, zucchini, squash, and cucumbers are coming soon.


Tri-Color Beans

Dragons Tongue Beans

Busch Beans



Zucchini and Squash Plants





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