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Whats the Buzz?

Welcome to What's the Buzz?! Learn more about

the process and growth of our honey farm!

Image by Aaron Burden
Image by Georg Eiermann
Image by Art Rachen


Our first NUC of bees arrived May 24th, 2023. They are getting settled in nicely to their new 'home' and we look forward to sharing their (and our progress).

Their hive is a Flow Hive that is designed to produce both free flowing honey on tap, and honey in honeycomb. 

In this day and age, we can’t imagine not including this vital part of the ecosystem as part of farm operations. In support of their health, we will be seed-bombing bee friendly wildflowers, and committing to allowing our grassy areas to grow enough for flowers and weeds to pollinate. 

Obviously one beehive isn’t going to produce a significant amount of honey and honeycomb for sales. We see 2023 as a foundation year where we learn to become Beekeepers and experiment with packaging, uses, and flavoring of the honey produced. We will likely be looking for some local volunteer ‘tasters’.


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