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Fresh Farm Produce

Welcome to Farm Fresh Produce! Check this

page for the latest delicious home grown products straight from the farm!



Between a very wet and cool spring and other priorities on the farm, we got a slow and smaller start to the growing season than originally planned. We ended up opting for a Raised Garden Bed vegetable garden, where we experimented with a variety of crops, but on a scale akin to feeding ourselves verses producing to sell. Our Sweet Corn ‘field’, peas, beans, radishes, tomatoes, zucchini, summer squash, potatoes and onions all flourished. We should also have a good crop of brussel sprouts, leeks and parsnips by Thanksgiving. 

We started some asparagus plants (3-5 years to maturity), bell and a variety of hot pepper plants. Those we will bring inside this winter and put under grow lights. 

The ‘Herb Wall’ produced well, even through the scorching summer heat. In 2023 we are going to utilize the lower depth raised garden beds to grow herb plants to sell.

We have a seed package arriving shortly of 65 heirloom vegetables varietals and 12 heirloom grains. By the time we plant all these next spring. It will mean a lot less time mowing grass, but depending on the rainfall, possibly more watering…thank goodness for healthy well water!

We are exploring the best way(s) to bring this produce to the consumer; Farmers Markets, Subscription Boxes, something else? You tell us.


Parallel Lines

Taste Testers Wanted!

This is the fun, think outside of the box,

play with flavors, and ingredients place.

Julie will be making multigrain bread, a healthy banana-nut loaf and banana-nut and zucchini loaf. Wholewheat flour and honey, no preservatives.

We are working on a range of Dip Spice Packages. While there are a number of them already out there, I haven’t bought one yet that hasn’t left me wanting a little something more…we’re going to give you that more.

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