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Dog Breeding Program

Welcome to our Dog Breeding Program!

Contact us for more details.

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2Chicks is very excited at the likelihood of having American Kennel Club (AKC) Registered English Labrador Retriever puppies looking for forever homes later in 2023.

Julie has been waiting a long time to start breeding English Labrador Retrievers. She grew-up, in England, with an English Lab and has owned a few of her own since. Julie decided not to start breeding until she retired from a career in the Air Force.

In early 2020, Julie welcomed Harper and London to her pack, with the intent of them being the foundation of the 2Chicks breeding program. In November 2022, Mia a black English Labrador Retriever, will join us, she is also from Harpers breeder, Cedar Creek Labradors.

Pricing for puppies won’t be established until after they are born. However, to give you an idea of their quality, we paid $2500 for London and $3250 for Harper, and they will be bred to sire’s of similar quality.

A recent addition to the farm, and potential addition to the Breeding Program is our female Great Pyrenees, Stella. Born April 26th, 2022. She is Continental Kennel Club (CKC) registered.



Update May 2023: Unfortunately, Harper's AKC OFA testing came back showing she has left elbow dysplasia and degenerative joint disease. Therefore, we will not be able to breed her.


Harper was born December 5th, 2020, in DE. Harper is co-owned with her breeder until she passes all her health and genetic tests once two years of age. If all tests are clear, Julie will get full ownership and breeding rights. Harper is a stocky chocolate. Calm, confident and a total love bug.



Update June 2023: We plan on breeding London when she comes into heat again November 2023.

London was born November 19th, 2020, in PA. We have full ownership and breeding rights to her. London will be fully health and genetic tested at two and prior to breeding also. London is on the slimmer side for an English, but what she lakes in stature she makes up in personality. Spunky, playful and with natural mothering instincts, she has kept a close eye on all the new chicks, barn kittens and Great Pyrenees pups.

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