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The Goose Egg - Special Enough for Its' Own Box

I have yet to find a commercial egg carton that states it fits goose eggs, that actually will close with one of my goose eggs in it!

So, I decided to go a different route and find a box that makes each one not only look special but travel safe when a customer buys it to take home.

I am not good at gift wrapping. And that is likely reflected in these photos. But what I lack in certain skills, I make-up for in caring. Unlike the chickens and ducks who lay all year round, Antoinette only lays 7-8 months of the year. Last year she laid above the average for her breed. And so far, this year, she's been laying an egg every other day, which is fantastic.

If you've never tasted a goose egg, I really encourage you to try one, there's nothing like it. So rich and flavorful. Personally, I love cracking one and making eggs for breakfast tacos...just saying.



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