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Racoons and Diabetes

While there's been lots of positive and fun things going on at the farm the past couple of months, we've also had a couple of setbacks.


About a month ago, racoons attacked the chickens just as they were going into their coops for the night. We lost about half our large laying hens, all nine of the three-month-old pullets/roos, and one of the roosters (Flash).

It was heartbreaking and finally convinced me to buy my first ever personal gun!

Since then, I have trapped 20, yes 20, racoons close to the poultry pen.

The neighbor across the street lost their entire personal flock of chickens and ducks around the same time. And it appears to be a countrywide issue based on the posts I'm seeing on my poultry related social media pages.


By early June, I had been feeling really tired, exhausted even, for a number of weeks. I originally put it down to working hard in the heat, etc. As I had my annual VA physical scheduled for June 15th, I decided to just wait and talk to the Dr about it then. A few days before I dutifully went and got my lab work done, and the day after that a discussion with the nurse ended in me being told to go to the ER. My A1C was 11.4 and my glucose readings were heading towards 500!

Those readings got me 'room and board' at Bronson Hospital in South Haven while they pumped me full of insulin among other things and diagnosed me with diabetes.

Results from subsequent testing would identify me as Type 1 (verses Type 2), which means its' etiology is autoimmune. My body is no longer producing its' own insulin.

I have a PET/CT scan scheduled for July 3rd to see if there is anything underlying causing this sudden onset.

As for now, I am feeling so much better and learning more about the effects of carbohydrates and insulin on my body than I ever expected I would need to.

To anyone out there who has been putting off a routine check-up, a follow-up, or a tough medical decision, please make the call.


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Valorie Deichman
Valorie Deichman
05 ago 2023

I can relate. Just over a year ago I was fatigued and ready to chalk it up to taking care of my husband and everything else after he had some health issues. I went to the Dr. anyway and she ordered blood work. I got a call right way that she was sending me to a rheumatologist because there was a strong indication that I had something autoimmune going on. I had to wait 3 months for that appointment all the while losing muscle strength. After many tests and a muscle biopsy I was diagnosed with a rare condition called polymyositis. I was put on prednisone and methotrexate and began 6 months of PT to even be able to stand…

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