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A Little Spring Spruce-Up

While everyone that comes to visit the farm comments on how tidy and clean it is, I guess I see ALL the things that either need to be done or could be done to make it a little cleaner and tidier.

So, in the last couple of days, I've taken-up old black yard cloth outside the front of the house and side of the pole barn exposed some by the weather and more so by the free ranging poultry. There's still some more in the poultry pen, but I ran out of steam (maybe I'll delegate that to Rachel - lol).

All the old tires and cable spindles that have been sitting outside the pole barn are now doing what they were intended to do. As I said yesterday, some tires went to make chicken dust baths, then the others and the spindles went into the goat run as playthings. I want to track down a lot more so I can build them a 'real' playground.

I dug out some old yard flags and metal art I had in Delaware and filled the deck railing planters with some spring flowers and Vola! Oh, and I did add some new signs coming up the drive to welcome you all :-)

New Welcome Sign

Full Frontal - That doesn't sound right!

Right side of the front of the house

Left side of the front of the house

Tires...yes not too exciting, need more!

Spindles under the trees make a great feeding station


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