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It Doesn't Get Fresher Than This!

Take a close look at Antoinettes rear end, where the fluffy white ends and the tail begins.

We transitioned the Big Poultry Coop to being sand based this week, using only pine shavings in the nesting boxes. This meant building Antoinette her own goose sized box. I noticed this morning that she'd made herself a 'bowl' in the sand next to the nesting box, but no egg. Admittedly there weren't many shavings in the box as I'd forgotten to go fill it properly yesterday after Jason had installed it - bad goose Mum!

Anyway, it appears Antoinette was quite happy doing it her way, as she started laying as I was filling the box, so I got this rather cool photo. I just love these birds. I'm so tempted to get more.


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