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Maddie is on Chick Watch Once Again

It's been a while since we hatched eggs here on the farm. The last time was the eight Grey Swedish Ducklings spring 2022.

But the incubator is up and running again, with 21 of our own chicken eggs.

From the first time I hatched eggs back in Delaware in 2020, two dozen rainbow eggs, that gave us our original 'starter' flock, Maddie has taken it upon herself to be the keeper and guarder of the eggs. She won't go outside in the morning until she's checked on them and won't go to bed at night until doing the same. Once they start hatching, she'll sit for hours.

Maddie isn't going to know what to do with herself in a couple of weeks. There will be three incubators up and running, a total of nearly 100 eggs. We are adding a new variety of poultry to the farm. One I've been interested in for quite a while. Maybe this acquisition will temper my desire to get more geese! Or not :-)


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