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Herb & Vegetable starter plants for sale

After getting a pretty late start to our own vegetable garden last year, we promised this year we'd do better. So, late Fall 2022 we invested in a little technology (grow lights) and set-up an indoor garden in the basement. We now have a variety of starter herb, tomato and pepper (bell and hot) plants to sell.

These little plants will thrive during the winter on a sunny, not to drafty windowsill, or under a grow lamp and you'll be picking and chopping before you know it!

Herb plants: $2.50

- Dill

- Fennel

- Parsley

- Thyme

- Oregano

- Coriander

- Cilantro

- Sage

- Basil

- Rosemary

- Parsley

Tomato plants: $3.50

- Cherry

- Marigold

Pepper plants: $3.50

- Bell

- Jalapeno

- Serrano

Call us on (269) 539-2720, or submit a Contact Form on this website, to place an order.



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