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The Piglets Are Here

On June 4th, Rachel and her daughter Cali made the five-hour round-trip to pick-up the farms four new piglets. They also managed to pick-up a new kid goat for themselves as a playmate for their other Pygmy kid Sage.

I thought we'd done everything necessary to build a comfortable and secure pen for the new arrivals, but I quickly realized we needed to add chicken wire all around the bottom as they were still small enough to fit through the 'hog panels'. With that issue fixed, the little ones were released into their new home and quickly settled in...and went to sleep and slept until 10am the next morning, I guess when you're 8 weeks old, moving is a really big deal!

I'm pretty sure they noticeably grow some each day...which considering how much they're eating, they should be - lol.

They were pretty skittish of humans when they first arrived, but now I get mobbed whenever I go into the pen, and a group of visitors today got to feed them apple slices.

I absolutely love them. They are smart and entertaining. In some ways their arrival has made this feel like a 'real' farm to me. They are definitely going to be people pleasers and are willing to 'ham' it up for attention...the corny jokes are free!

From left to right: Bacon, and Bits the Barrows (castrated males), then Penelope and Petunia, the Gilts (females that haven't been breed).

A few days ago, when they took food from my hand for the first time - happy dance!


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