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Here's Our Sign - No turning Back Now.

And yes, I did cry as I unwrapped it, cried again as I walked away after looking at it hung up, and am crying as I write this.

When 2Chicks became one, I considered giving up on this dream, and nearly did. But there was a part of me that couldn't imagine doing anything different, even if it was alone, in 'bum-fuck' (excuse my language), Michigan.

I treaded water for a bit, just trying to find my equilibrium. And just trying to get used to the idea of being in debt! All I can say is thank goodness for 'The Pack Pet Services', my business back in Delaware, that has literally kept the lights on here this past winter, while allowing me to go all in with plans for turning the farm into a profitable business.

I doubt we'll make a profit this year, and maybe not next. But it took three years for 'The Pack Pet Services' to do that. And not because we didn't have clients. But when I start something, I start it like we are going to be the best at what we do. We always have a high-quality website. We have insurance. We pay our staff a good wage. Oh, and last year another local business asked us to buy them out.... which we happily did.

Here at the farm, when you get an egg delivery, they come in quality cartoons and in a quality bag, with our logo on it. I know the quality of our eggs speak (and taste) for themselves), but I'll eat the extra 25-50 cents that costs, for you and others to know that they came from '2Chicks And A Farm'.

My name (Julie Graham), and reputation is my brand (2Chicks And A Farm). This isn't just a business. It's a passion and my life.

Hopefully one day there will be another 'chick'. but until then this chick will keep the dream alive.


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