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Dreams Really Can Come True

What was the last thing that got you really excited? The last event you looked forward to attending. The last person you got to spend time with. The last project you completed. This is mine.

And I can see I've lost most of you. It's three pieces of wood, some metal plates and screws, arranged in the ground.

But to me it's so much more. It's the beginning of a tangible representation of a dream that I have had for longer than I can remember. It's the solid framework that will hold the 3-foot by 2-foot metal custom '2Chicks And A Farm' sign that I'm working with Lazy K Metalworks in MT on.

It makes a statement; this is who we are. This is who I am.

It will welcome visitors.

It will become a landmark in the neighborhood.

We're all in 2023. Roots of all kinds are getting laid.

I don't know whether you believe in God (in any of his forms or names), or fate, or karma, or just plain hard work. What I do know is, for some reason I was meant to be here, at this time. So, sending a 'Thank you' to the one that got me here in the first place.


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