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There's a new kid in town...well six actually!

So much has happened on the farm the past couple of months, and I have been extremely remiss in keeping you all updated. I had great intentions, even bough a Go-Pro and all the attachments and harnesses to take some really cool video etc. While I spent 20+ years working with developing technology in the military, social media platforms still prove a little challenging at times and my patience for my personal shortcomings in that area is limited.

On November 22nd, the first of the three does kidded. Charlotte easily delivered twins, a big boy (Oreo) and good-sized girl (Cranberry). Next came Savannah, who was huge, so we expected multiples from her also. She gave birth to quads, but one little guy didn't make it. The other three, Dak, Cooper and Dallas (a nod to Julie's passion for the Dallas Cowboy's) are all thriving. Then finally, Eloise delivered twins. She had a tougher time of it as for some reason she'd developed a uterine infection (as diagnosed by the vet we called out right away). I helped her birth the second little girl, but she only lived a day - broke my heart. Eloise obviously wasn't feeling well, and she rejected the surviving little girl (Holly), who has since been a 'Bottle Baby' living in the house.

As expected, all six kids have blue eyes (the stud Tater only breeds blue-eyed babies). Cooper and Cranberry are going to a friend in WI, as her first goats, but the other four will be staying on the farm. We will have Dak and Oreo available as Studs and will add Holly and Dallas to the breeding pool.

Noting like a baby goat to make everyday fun!


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